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Hello everyone! Thanks for stopping-by at my blog. Well firstly, my name is (Fernando) Chow Yao Wen and I do admit that I'm a cunning trickster as that tells the reason on why I haven't got into deep trouble in school - I do various evil tricks when I'm in one and my teachers ALWAYS fall for them.

I am a massive football fan, and I've been supporting my favourite club, Liverpool, for an awful long time.

I was born on 30th May 1996 in Malaysia. Since my very first day of watching the English Premier League, I have fallen in love with Liverpool and I have also assured that I will be a "Liverpoolean" for the rest of my life.

In my outside life, I am currently educating at SMK Sultan Abu Bakar (SABS for short), a well-known school located in Kuantan, Pahang. Basically, I am a mad-class clown and I truly enjoy bringing laughter to everyone around me as I believe that smiling is a universal welcome :)

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Thursday, January 20, 2011

What is the deal with this SNSD

Well, I do have a life and I actually listen to music (I do love music a lot), but to me, the SNSD(Girls Generation) are generally overhyped and are just these random girls who have high voices and wear shorts all the time. I mean, they even had plastic surgery, they’re really insecure as well. Well, you guys be the verdict, look up them on google.

In fact, their current leader, Taeyeon, is racist! Here is a link to support the statement:

Nonetheless, she did apologize.. but still, if she is such a 'superstar', being racist will definitely be a big downhill moment not only for her, but also the group's major downhill.